blue horizons

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hi, i'm alexa. i enjoy lexa better. I am a whale loving, sports/food enthusiast. also the biggest marine mammal nerd ever

perhaps I enjoy hilton head so much because there are memories there that are only happy. fits of sunshine encased in my joy. My little bubble of happiness. when I go home I just go back to all the small, stupid reminders of times when you cared. I go back to the exhaustion and misery of being around you purely because I’m forced to be. Sometimes I still want you around because things might become different, but I’ve learned that expectations are foolish. For now I’ll just surround myself with amazing friends, good food, & hopeful music and movies. Have to make these last few months count.


he’s charles
charles trippy
with marley, zoey and his fiance alli
you can watch him on his channel
avoid the indecision cause the internet killed television

might as well stab myself in the chest 36 times
it would probably hurt less